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The Midlands very own Award Winning Spiritual Medium
Welcome to my website! My name is Patrick Hutchinson and for the last 25 years I have been travelling up and down the country performing demonstrations of Mediumship.
I do work in a slightly different way to other traditional mediums. I give it as I see it and focus more on facts to prove to you that I’m talking to your loved one. Come and see me at one of my demonstrations or hire me for a private booking!

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    Poet and Castle

    December 5, 2021Patrick Hutchinson
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    The White Star

    December 7, 2021Patrick Hutchinson
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    The New Finney Gardens with meal

    December 14, 2021Patrick Hutchinson
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    Coal Shed

    December 15, 2021Patrick Hutchinson
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    The Cross Keys Pontefract

    February 22, 2022Patrick Hutchinson
  • Featured

    The Cross Keys Pontefract

    October 25, 2022Patrick Hutchinson

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