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January 2007

I did an investigation of  Ye Olde Dolphin Inne in Derby which was broadcast live on BBC Radio Derby with Shane O'Connor 

On 13th July 2007 I was  invited to be a VIP Guest Medium for the Swadlincote Paranormal Group at a large event held at Bretby Conference Centre.  This was covered by Spiritual Connextions Radio  and we had 1.3 million listeners. 

Myself along with (from left to right) Diane King, Richard Felix, Jackie Newcombe and Mark Webb

On 20th October 2007 I attended the Spiritual Connextions Awards Ceremony where I had been nominated for an award for "Best Newcomer".  Unfortunately I didn't win it but I was extremely proud to have been nominated.  More pictures from this are on my "Gallery" page.

Spruced up for the occasion!!!


On 28th October 2007 I was asked to be the guest on BBC Radio  Coventry to discuss the meaning and impact of "Halloween" with  Trish Adudu


Updates on previous article regarding court case:

Well it has all been sorted now.  Having spent a long 6 and a half days in Crown Court in Leeds the Jury came back with the Guilty Verdict on all 5 charges, so we (the families involved and myself) were all pleased to have got justice done.  The girls and their families all thanked me but as I explained it was all down to the dead grandmother who pushed the matter , so now she has  brought justice for her granddaughter and can now rest in peace.  The court case was covered in the Sun and various Yorkshire newspapers which can be checked at the following links :

and also someone's letter in The Sun :


"I am a bit sceptical about clairvoyants but I must say I might think again after psychic Patrick Hutchinson received a message from a girl who told him that she had been abused when she was nine.

Now paedophile Terrence Dunstan has been brought to justice, maybe the police should employ Hutchinson to try to solve other mystery cases that are still open "

The writer has got the facts slightly wrong as it was the girl's grandmother who told me but the fact that they may "think again" is reward enough in itself.

This man was convicted back in 2005 for 3 counts of indecent assault on girls but pleaded Guilty that time. He says it was because he didn't want to put his family through a court case but during this trial so many lies and anomalies kept coming to light that there was no question, really about the facts being true.

Different papers reported the actual "reading" differently but in fact it was just direct facts - name of the woman in spirit, who she was to the girl, when the abuse happened, the proximity of the abuser to the girl's home etc etc.  Everyone who was there that night (which included off duty women police officers) know that it was a very direct reading and in no way vague or generalised as has been stated by some people. I asked the girl no questions and only asked her to say yes or no to the facts given.

However pleased I feel about justice being done,  I know, as well as all the other people involved, that he hadn't stopped with these girls and I'm sure there were more  who haven't come forward.  He will be sentenced in June 2008 and the judge has advised him he won't be lenient with him and it will be a custodial sentence.  Well, at least that's one paedophile removed from our streets.  It doesn't stop people trying to discredit me though with talk of it being a scam or plot between me and the girls (who, I may add, I had never met before and they had never been to a Medium before) and that it was lies etc.  The jury,themselves, could see the truth and I'm sure a lot of them would have been sceptical of my work,  but still came to the Guilty verdict, so people slagging me off doesn't put me off at all - you will find people like that all the time who will NEVER accept anything a medium or psychic does to be the truth - I just feel sorry for them and their  ignorance.  I have received a letter from the Criminal Justice System thanking me for my assistance as a witness in this case, which I feel pleased to have received.


I was also  featured on Kerrang radio.  


and also in Psychic News:


I will also be featured along with Bernice, my wife, in the "Pick Me Up" magazine shortly.   The publication date for that is Thursday, 10th July 2008


BREAKING  NEWS ......................Thursday, 12th June 2008 -  The paedophile concerned in the above case was sentenced this morning to five and a half years in jail.  See initial article :

Also extended video on

and in "The Sun"

It has actually been reported on many sites worldwide inc. India, Australia, USA etc and also being discussed and disected on many forums.  Sadly I find on many of the formums they have not read any facts about the evening, reading etc and seem to make up their own stories. Mostly seeming to say I was in front of an audience and "threw out" the abuse case and waited for someone to accept it etc.  That was, absolutely, NOT the case as I went directly to the girl and her mother and told her I had her grandmother with me etc etc. Anyone who was there on the evening will be able to verify this fact.  It was not pot luck if anyone accepted it at all. The changes and assumptions to the details is amazing really and it is unbelievable how people can change facts to suit what they want to have happened. Still, as I say, all who need to know the truth and those who were there know it and that's all that matters. It does irritate us to hear people changing and adapting the facts to discredit me and try and taint my name, but in this field this, sadly, happens all the time and there is nothing we can do about it.

It was also reported on the BBC News on Thursday, 12th June and on BBC Radio Leeds and Radio Aire on Friday, 13th June 2008.

Copy of the latest letter from the Crown Prosecution Service

Please note in the second paragraph that at the hearing on 12th June he pleaded guilty to all charges.  

Nottingham Evening Post on  Tues, Aug 19th 2008 :

and again on  Monday, 1st September 2008:

and again on Thursday, 25th September 2008


Also in Fortean Times  on 17th September 2008

Again in Psychic News on Saturday, 20th September 2008

And in Yorkshire Evening Post on 11th September 2008

21st November 2008  - Filming for  BBC1 - a new programme to be shown in the spring


Below is the letter I received from  the organisers of the charity  event held at the Nottingham  Galleries of Justice on 15th November 2008:

Below are pictures taken when I was  on BBC Radio Coventry on Sunday 28th December 08  with Trish Adudu


Friday 13th March 2009 ;

  Hull Daily  Mail article regarding the blessing of the KC Stadium in Hull :

Yorkshire Post regarding same issue:

ESPN Magazine :