My Team

These are the people who support me in all aspects of my work – for which I am extremely grateful – without them and their help none of this would be possible…. ​​



 Bernice arranges all my venues.  She does all the paperwork, leaflet printing, tickets  etc.  Without her I’d never get anywhere. Contrary to belief  Bernice does not have any psychic or spiritual awareness and is constantly asked if she has – because she lives with me



Samantha designed my website.  Samantha seems to be following in my footsteps and appears to be developing her own gifts of healing. Sam went to University and gained her degree in Psychology. She put her brains into starting up her own business services and website design business.  I am extremely proud of Samantha and believe she will go far in life.



Jason has grown into a lovely young man and became even more sensitive to the Spirit World and clearly sees spirits at a lot of venues, but only time will tell how his gift develops. He often  assists me on any vigils, private work etc as he can see if any spirits are trying to take over etc. Jason, I believe, will be a very good medium in time when he is ready to completely open up and work with Spirit.  Jason has now graduated from  University with his degree in  Biological Sciences, went back at Uni doing his Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences and is now at Nottingham University at their new Bio Discovery Institute doing his PhD in Regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and Biomolecular sciences, whereby he will be amongst the first to study how to replace organs, bones etc with organs resistant to bacteria etc – a totally new field of medicine engineering – so my son will end up as Dr Hutchinson and be among the world leaders in his field – how proud will I be.
He talks to Bernice about his studies and it seems like a different language to me as it is SO advanced and complicated –  lol.  I believe he will get where he wants to be as he is very motivated and has his path set out in his mind.



Hayley joined our family in August 2008 and is my daughter, Samantha’s  partner.  She is a lovely girl and we are happy to have her with us. She and Sam make a lovely couple – both as mad as each other – but so obviously devoted to each other. They happily announced their engagement in 2019. She is a very talented young artist. She currently splits her time between helping Sam run their business and as a self employed courier.

Our Dogs

Most people know we are very much a doggy family and all have our own dogs.



As you probably all know by now is Jason’s dog. Scrunch our previous pug was bought for Jason but very sadly she died at 4 (see below).   It was heartbreaking and it hurt Jason the most so after 8 months we got him a new one which was carefully picked out by him and they are absolutely devoted to each other.  Although she was a little minx she is now 14 years old and  senile but she is a beautiful little dog and no trouble at all.  She is now our eldest dog. 

Bam Bam

British Bulldog

Is a British Bulldog. Whilst in America we went to a puppy shop and Patrick fell in love with a puppy bulldog (he has always wanted one though) and said there and then we were getting one on our return home even though we had said DEFINATELY no more dogs !!!!!  We obviously got her upon our return and she really is the most adorable of dogs – so affectionate but scared of everything .!!!!!!!!!!!  She is stubborn and will only do what she wants to do. Sadly Bam has lost her sight and although she is now nearly 13, which is very old for a Bulldog, she is still plodding on in her own world


French Bulldog

We also have a French Bulldog Pandora who is my little darling and I adore her. We had wanted to get one for a while but put it off because Marley was so ill and we needed to devote all our time and caring to her. Marley took to Pandora instantly as her own baby and the 2 had a wonderful friendship until we sadly lost Marley, at which point Pandora went into a deep depression due to grief and had to be put on anti depressants. When Marley passed she was brought home for us to take her to be cremated and was held so Pandora could say her goodbyes which she certainly did……. snuggled her face into Marley’s and licked her then walked away and lay down in her bed as if she knew  – very sad to see.  She now has Lexi to play with and once more we have a terrible 2 situation ……



When we lost Marley in such sad circumstances the girls mourned her loss terribly and Sam didn’t leave her bed for a week she was so distraught.  Once again it was decided to get them another puppy.  This time they chose a Beagle who is known for their good health and long life. We were extremely careful about choosing her breeder after our experiences with Marley.  On the way to the breeder Sam silently asked Marley to give her a sign that she was happy with them getting another puppy.  When we were choosing their pup – one of them virtually jumped into Sam’s hands and when she was picked up she had the shape of an S in white on her back.  We took this to show that Yes Marley was fine with their decision and that she had in fact chose Lexi for them.  So Lexi joined our mad house and has settled in perfectly with the girls.  The only problem we find is that Lexi has become a little “fatty” as, obviously, following Marley (who was unable to eat or have treats etc as she was tube fed) the girls have over compensated and fed her too many treats lol but all are happy.


French Bulldog

Bernice was absolutely ADAMANT that there would be no more puppies until one or more of our current pack had, sadly, passed as she said 5 dogs was the absolute limit !!!!!!  Just before Christmas 2017 I asked her if she would like her own French Bulldog for Christmas – she said NO NO NO …………. then a week later suddenly changed her mind and we ended up with Belle our second French Bulldog.  Despite being the smallest of our pack she came in and dominated everyone and bullied the lot.  She is definitely the naughtiest of any of our puppies and VERY protective of Bernice.  If anyone goes in her office Belle attacks them – if any of the other dogs come to her for cuddles Belle attacks them so she is under a very strict training routine at the moment to curb this behaviour. We took her to puppy classes but she got chucked out because of her barking at other dogs !!!!  Pandora initially loved Belle and took her instantly as “her baby” but has since changed her opinion and now goes to great lengths to avoid her and keeps away from her as much as she can !!! We had hoped that as Belle grew up and settled down they would become good friends but Belle is coming up to 3 years old now and nothing has changed and she still tries to dominate everyone.  At the moment it is Lexi and Belle who are now causing mayhem in the house. Lexi started off very wary of Belle but has come to put her in her place and especially won’t allow Belle into the girls bedroom lol

In Memoriam

Gone but never forgotten


Cross Breed

Was our first dog but sadly had to be put to sleep  on Wednesday 6th May 2009 following a dreadful struggle for 48hours where all her organs failed – she was unable to stand and unable to respond or recognise any of us.  Bernice sat up with Penny in her arms for two nights hoping she would simply pass away like that so it was a heartbreaking decision for her to make  but totally necessary. Penny was 14 years old and we’d had her since she was 5weeks old so we miss her dreadfully – but know she had a good long life.



Was our first pug and was bought for Jason, when he was10 because he was mad about them.  They were so devoted to each other until  one morning 4 years later we awoke to fnd Scrunch had died in her sleep. To say we were all devastated would be an understatement but poor Jason suffered so much in his loss and the total shock of losing such a young dog so suddenly.   We decided, as soon as we thought it suitable we would get him another pug – not that it would, or has,  replaced Scunch in his heart. 8 months later we went and collected Trixie much to Jason’s joy and once again he has his devoted friend.  This time though he has Trixie sleeping in his room as he feels he can keep her safer that way


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – she was Samantha’s dog and was a sweetheart – definitely the most affectionate of all dogs and wouldn’t hurt a fly.  Misty had developed Syringomyelia which is a brain condition specifically found in Cavaliers. but she was being managed on medications and regular scans etc and seemed to be jogging along nicely  as much as she could  …………. sadly whilst we were on holiday in Florida in Sept/Oct 2013 we had a call from the kennels to say she was not well and was being taken to the vet. She was subsequently admitted to Animal Hospital where sadly she passed away from heart failure… it was very quick and  she was not alone.  It was also found from blood tests that her kidneys were failing….  we were all heartbroken especially Sam and it certainly put a dampener on the holiday. Sadly we had to come back to the job of collecting her body from the vet and taking her to be cremated and say our goodbyes…….. we do and will always miss her and she was definitely  the “princess” of the family and will be sorely missed by us all especially Sam who got her for her 16th Birthday and they were best friends and devoted to each other….. RIP Misty darling



After we lost Misty, we knew Sam and Hayley would be totally lost without her. So, after long consideration and discussion, Bernice and I asked them if they would like a new puppy (even though we had always said. yet again, “No more dogs” lol) to which they agreed, so a Puggle was found and bought and we welcomed her into our brood. Her name was Marley and she was very inquisitive, bright and very loving…… we all fell in love with her totally.  As Bernice told them Misty has left an enormous hole in our lives and Marley will fill a small part of it and, as she grows that hole will gradually get smaller but there will always be a part which will never be filled and will always belong to Misty…… As anyone who has visited my Facebook page knows Marley was extremely ill for the first months of her life… she had a condition called Megaesophogus…. meaning she could not eat or drink properly and was starving to death.  We managed to get a feeding tube put into her stomach and after months of intensive care from Samantha and Hayley she put on weight. She had her tube removed after many weeks and seemed to be a happy healthy young dog eating and drinking normally.  She was left with some residual problems of a prolapse which she had to be spayed early for and the imbalance of her hormones and all the stress meant she lost the fur from the end of her tail.   It was hoped it would right itself but it didn’t and she was continually biting at it as it bothered her so she has had to have that amputated. She had a 3rd and final feeding tube fitted which was to remain in for several years, however, she had just celebrated her 3rd birthday when she caught a bout of pneumonia. We were in the process of rushing her to hospital at 5.30am when she took her last breath in Hayley’s arms. This was dreadfully upsetting for all of us but especially so for the girls who tried everything to resuscitate her and the vets tried to no avail and we had lost her.  She was a very, very special little soul who was very badly missed by us all. Towards the end of her life she was featured as the face of the RSPCA’s campaign against puppy farming (as she had. totally unknowingly to us come from a Puppy Farm – the dealers were unearthed by the RSPCA and the people involved sent to prison for a few weeks !!!! ) and appeared on Sky TV with Hayley.  Since her death Hayley has appeared on several TV programmes including Good Morning Britain, Central News etc etc to help fight the war against these dreadful people.  Marley’s legacy lives on 



Bought for Bernice to ease the grieving process after losing Penny.  He was our only male dog and was a black pug.  We got him on Saturday, 6th June 2009 and he was only  6 and a half weeks old.  He was so tiny and we all adored him. Bam immediately took over the role of “Mum” and always protected him and fussed over him. He adores Bernice and is never far away from her and sits on her knee or on her desk when she is working at the computer . Unfortunately, Rocky was diagnosed with cancer at 10 years old and although we did everything we could for him he passed away at home during the Christmas period. The only blessing we have is that he was surrounded by all his family and felt loved right up until the last moment. It hit Bernice very badly and she now wears his ashes in a necklace at all times