What I Do

I work in an unusual way.  I can simply  hear, I see, I feel and I know.  It's very hard to describe  I just seem to know things.    Through the years  many mediums have come to me for readings, which I take as a great compliment.  I can also read you through any objects you may have, also known as psychometry.


I have worked with the "Most Haunted" team and David Wells, whilst I was working for Rupert Mole Ghost Tours and I was invited to meet Richard Felix at the Derby Gaol.  I have worked alongside various Paranormal Investigators who have constantly been amazed at  readings, orbs etc. that appear around me. I have always been prepared to undergo any tests that any scientist or parapsychologist  wishes me to take. I've even done readings blindfolded so as not to be seen to "read" body language and responses. 


My proudest accomplishment was unearthing a peodophile at one of my shows and seeing a Crown Court Trial resultin Guilty charges being made against the man concerned.  More details are seen on the "Media" page

My main passion is to prove to people that the Spirit World does exist and there is life after death.  Death is just the beginning ............................................

Services Offered

  • PRIVATE  READINGS  :                                                                                                                                                    I am available for private one-to-one readings, either at my home or yours.  Each reading would take approximately 45 mins and it will be taped for you, for future reference and cost £40 each, plus petrol charges.   


  • PARTY / GROUP  READINGS:                                                                                                                                         I am happy  to do  group or party   at your home . Parties will cost £35 per person  plus petrol costs. I usually arrive at approx 7pm and stay until approx 11pm (ie approx 4 hours)  so it's a full evening's entertainment.  I do more personal and in depth group readings (as, obviously you're all friends), table work, energy work and hypnosis if requested etc.  If you do book a party do ask your guests to be prepared to ask questions to prove it is their loved ones that are there, so make a list of relevant questions to ask.  Also if there is someone specific they want  to contact then to bring something along that belonged to them and that will make the contact stronger.   


  • DEMONSTRATIONS   AND  SHOWS :                                                                                                                             I do a lot of shows and demonstrations of mediumship throughout  the country and a list of future events can be found on the Venues and Dates page. I choose to work in pubs, working mens clubs, funtion rooms etc because I believe that is the way to work my way up - I believe pub people will soon tell you if you are a fake or rubbish etc, they are not as nicey- nicey as hotel and church people especially when they've had a drink.  I very often get invited back again and again  to the same pubs so I assume they must like me and appreciate my blunt and upfront way.  I do work in churches and hotel rooms sometimes but my main target is bringing the knowledge that the Spirit World exists to EVERYONE and love seeing the change in attitudes when they realise it's true and they start to believe.  My personal opinion is that if you can work in pubs ( which is the hardest environment you'll find) you can work anywhere.


Due to recent EU legislation it is now necessary to state the following:Demonstrations are to be deemed for entertainment purposes only 



         I am also available for shows or demonstrations for private companies and their employees for special occasions.                Prices on application.



I have now set up my own new Ghost Hunting company and our website for that is www.ghostganghauntings.co.uk  and will be looking for  good venues to investigate.  I will not be doing the usual expensive venues that the other major companies are investigating , but finding new places that are haunted and hopefully unearthing the spirits living in  them. So keep your eyes on the website for more information as and when we arrange them.               



  Be regressed  and see what has happened in your past or  who you were in a past life......Individual session - lasts  1 hour costs £40 per person  



 Minimum of 5 and lasting 4 hours+  cost £35 per person



Session lasts 30 minutes and cost £20



About mediumship, spiritual cleansing guides etc. 30 minute session costs £25



30 minutes  for £30  (landlines ONLY)  

I am happy to do phone readings if requested but do bear in mind phone readings cannot be as precise or accurate as one to one readings as it is always best for a medium to be in the energy of the person they are reading for.  As time is limited send us an email advising of area you are interested in knowing about ie work, relationships or people in Spirit World we will acknowledge receipt and send you a code. Phone readings can be brought in our shop here



Cost £25

I am happy to do email readings if requested but do bear in mind  email readings cannot be as precise or accurate as one to one readings as it is always best for a medium to be in the energy of the person they are reading for.  When booking please send a photo of yourself and anyone you wish to contact in the Spirit world and I will do my best. Send us an email advising of area you are interested in knowing about ie work, relationships or people in Spirit World we will acknowledge receipt  and send you a code. Email readings can be brought in our shop here



I have found over the past year or so that I am able to use my Spirit Guides to hypnotise people. During this hypnosis I can then allow myself to appear to that person as a loved one they have lost.   This is extremely emotional and people feel they get the chance to have a last contact with the loved one either to say goodbye or a last hug etc. This is often done in parties or in shows during the evening.

Futher Information

All  readings offered by Patrick are for entertainment purpose only and he does not advise using them as a substitute for professional advice upon which decisions are made nor relied on as fact.

He also reserves the right to cut short a call if the caller is deemed to be vulnerable or at risk and will direct them to a recognized help organisation. Patrick can also not be liable, or accept liability, for any damage or loss of whatever nature which may result from content given in any reading.

 For details of any of these services please contact us                

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