If I attend one of your shows am I guaranteed a personal message?


Nothing can be guaranteed in this respect.  I go to the person my Spirit Guides direct me to. Usually at a show I walk amongst the audience, not on a stage, and I try to get around as many people as I can to give them messages. I usually find that if a message is meant for someone they will get it. Do bear in mind the show is a demonstration not a personal reading and I can't spend too long with one person, as it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the audience. 


How long do you spend on a Personal/Private Reading?


I always  aim to spend 45 mins on a private reading but I do have a habit of  talking  too much combined with a lack of time management so you could get longer!!! 


What about Group/Party readings?


 A lot depends on the people involved.  I will always spend an entire evening with the party, but sometimes I find one person can get a longer message etc. If the whole group wants to stay together to hear all the messages it will be different to those who want private individual readings in, say, another room.  Obviously in the case of the latter I can't spend an entire hour on each reading or I'd still be there the next day!!!!!


If I thought my house was haunted would you come to my home to sort it out?


Yes I could come to your home ( within a 25 miles radius of Nottingham) and confirm your suspicions and, hopefully, communicate with the spirit involved to decide on further action.   However I would not, generally, force a spirit to leave if it doesn't wish to UNLESS it is a harmful spirit, in which case  we would discuss what to do next. In a lot of cases I have found the reason the spirit is being a nuisance is because it wants to be guided into the light, in which case I would help them to go.  There is, obviously, a charge for coming out and sorting things out for you.


What Is an orb?


In my opinion an orb is the start of a spirit person coming into the atmosphere.